Welcome to the New Aweres Township Website

Under Construction

The Aweres Township website is currently undergoing some pretty massive renovations. Please “bear” with us as we continue to add features and of course content…

Under Construction


  1. Carl Fals

    Nice job Bruce.Thank You.

  2. Bob Rathwell

    Looking good Bruce. Very close to a work of art. Best of all you have included everything. Very well done.
    Thanks for your hard work (from one who knows).
    Bob, Secretary, Aweres Community Policing Committee.

  3. Core Caple

    Looking forward to keeping us informed. P.s. As well, keep us informed on the good news.

  4. Joanne Teske

    Just learned about this website for our community. Very nice to see! Thank you!

  5. Mark Nott

    Nice to see a place we all can call our own.Keep it clean should be our m auto. And we live in the best place in the world.Thanks to all involved in the focus to start this web site. It will be fantastic.


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