LRB: Notice of Annual Meeting via Teleconference

Public Notice

The Aweres #2 Trout Lake North Local Roads Board would like to remind ratepayers of the following:

TAKE NOTICE that the Annual Meeting of the Aweres # 2 Trout Lake North Board shall take place by teleconference on October 27, 2020 at the hour of 7 P.M. for the
election of Trustees for the year 2021 and for the conduct of such other business as shall be regularly presented.

AND TAKE NOTICE that a proposal to alter the minimum tax which shall be paid will be discussed and voted upon. The present minimum tax is $135.00.

THE QUALIFICATIONS required before a person may be elected a Trustee are outlined under Section Five of the Local Roads Board Act, as follows:

No person shall be elected or appointed a Trustee of a Board unless he/she is –

a) Of the full age of eighteen years:
b) A Canadian Citizen, and
c) An owner of land in the Local Roads Board area or proposed Local Roads area, as the
case may be, in respect of which no taxes of a preceding year or years payable under
this Act are in arrears.

Call 1-866-500-5845 Conference ID 1322825#

Debbie Holotuk, Secretary Treasurer 705-777-2769