Roads Board

Aweres Township is currently served by two Statute Labour Roads Boards (SLRB), Aweres #1 and Aweres #2. Each board is comprised of an odd number of elected volunteers who work with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to maintain area road infrastructure through a one to one funding ratio. Currently, for each dollar SLRB’s raise the MTO matches it to fund ongoing maintenance such as grading, ditching, signage, snow removal as well as larger projects like resurfacing.

Recently, both SLRB’s held public votes to transition over to the newer Local Roads Board format. This format provides a number of benefits including a closer working relationship with the MTO, Provincial collection of tax levies, a two to one funding model and access to number of current/future improvement grants available.

Aweres #1 (Trout Lake Area)

Mark Nott, Chair Commissioner
Carl Falls, Commissioner
Leslie Holotuk, Commissioner